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Group Nzinga of Capoeira Angola

The Nzinga Capoeira Angola Group is dedicated to the preservation of traditional values of Capoeira Angola and of Bantu culture through research, training, rodas, publications, debates, art and social activism. Our group is guided by the wisdom of Mestra Janja, Mestra Paulinha, and Mestre Poloca who, each in their own way, seek to provide continuity to the teachings and lineage of Capoeira Angola’s greatest advocate, Mestre Pastinha.​ The group was founded on March 8th, 1995.

Web site:


The Masters are:

Mestra Janja (Salvador - Bahia, Brazil / Currently in São Paulo)
Mestra Paulinha (Salvador - Bahia, Brazil)
Mestre Poloca (Salvador - Bahia, Brazil)
Mestre Tião Carvalho (São Paulo - SP, Brazil)
Mestre Piter (São Paulo - SP, Brazil)

Contra Mestra Manoela  (São Paulo - SP, Brazil)

Contra Mestre Denis (Brazilia - DF, Brazil)

Contra Mestre Kosuke (Kyoto, Japan)

From left: Mestra Paulinha, Mestra Janja, Mestre Poloca

Mestre Pastinha (1889~1981)

Queen Nzinga

Nzinga Mbandi Ngola, Queen of Matamba and Angola, lived from 1581 to 1663 and she represents the resistance to the occupation of the African territory by the Portuguese who docked there for the purpose of human trafficking.


The Portuguese occupation in that area began in 1578 with the foundation of current-day Luanda, Angola’s capital. King Ngola Kiluanji, Nzinga's father, resisted for many years to the invasion of his territory. He was succeeded by his son Ngola Mbandi that, initially, also was able to resist the invaders.

Nzinga and her brother negotiated with Portuguese to ensure they moved out of occupied territories. But later she did not agree with the African leaders submission to the Portuguese, including her brother. She ordered their deaths, took over the command of the resistance groups and fought against the occupation of the Ngola and Matamba lands.

She formed an alliance with 'jaga' warriors starting to act on 'quilombos', or resistance communities, that used with tactics similar to the ones used by her contemporary Zumbi of Palmares in Brazilian lands. Thus, she obtained victories and a relative peace until dying at the age of 82.

What is Capoeira Angola?

Capoeria Angola is the name given to the practice of an Afro-Brazilian martial art that seeks to preserve its African philosophical foundations through dance, music, fight, playfulness, and spirituality.

In a Capoeira roda, everyone participates and each person is unique. In each game, there is a ‘staging’ of a fight that transforms powerful kicks into playfulness. Nzinga rodas are characterized by an ethic of nonviolence and a culture of peace.

Capoeira is a process of developing knowledge of self that isn’t limited to physical activity. Capoeiristas seek self-awareness through collective experiences, debate, and reflections that are as important to the formation of a Capoeirista as trainings and games.

As a symbol of the struggle for black liberation in Brazil and the ongoing fight for equality, Capoeira Angola is also used as a tool for education, building self-esteem, and social inclusion of children and youth.


Grupo Nzinga de Capoeira Angola:

Nzinga Atlanta:

Capoeira Music / Our CDs

Our first album: Nzinga - Capoeira Angola

Our second album: Nzinga - Capoeira de Abrigação

Classes in Kyoto, Japan

We are a Nzinga Capoeira Angola group based in Kyoto Japan, founded on the 5th of May on 2015.

The classes are given by Contra Mestre Kosuke, and are open to a wide range of age.

Please stop by to start learning of practicing Capoeira Angola in Kyoto.


Contra Mestre Kosuke


Phone: +81 80-4986-1946



Video of our group

Web page


Instagram: nzinga_kyoto

Contra Mestre Kosuke


Tuesdays, Thursdays

Location: Kyoto Toko Kaikan
6pm - 6:30pm Movements - Kids

6:30pm - 7pm Music - Kids and Adults

7pm - 8pm Movements - Adults

Wednesdays, Fridays
Location: Kyoto Sakyo Seibu Ikiiki Center

6:30pm - 7pm Movements - Kids

7pm - 7:30pm Music - Kids and Adults

7:30pm - 9pm Movements - Adults



Kyoto Toko Kaikan


Nearest train station - Subway Marutamachi station



136 Shochiku-cho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 604-0864 
〒604-0864 京都府京都市中京区松竹町136 

Google Link:

Kyoto Sakyo Seibu Ikiiki Center


Nearest train station: Keihan line Demachiyanagi station


〒606-8201 京都府京都市左京区田中玄京町149 


Google Link:

Group Nzinga in Brazil and other countries

Locations and Teachers

Salvador - Bahia (Facebook page Nzinga Salvador)

/Mestra Janja, Mestra Paulinha, Mestre Poloca, Treinel Barba, Treinel Jon, Treinela Bruna, Treinel Marquito, Treinel Leo, Treinel Rapha

Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP

/Mestre Tião Carvalho, Contramestra Manoela,

Contramestre Gabriel Lima Verde, Treinel Maurinho, Treinel Carica 

Zona Norte, São Paulo - SP

/ Mestre Piter, Treinel Fininho, Treinel Willian

Brazilia - DF   (Facebook page Nzinga Brazilia)

/ Contramestre Denis, Treinel Harold, Treinel Lelo, Treinel Karin

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

/ Treinel Adrian



Kyoto   (Website Nzinga Kyoto) | (Facebook page Nzinga Kyoto)

/ Contramestre Kosuke


Marburg   (Facebook page Nzinga Marburg)

/ Treinel Heikao, Treinel Tomas Todas


Maputo   (Facebook page Nzinga Maputo)

/ Treinel Fernandinho, Treinel Mitó


Guadalajara   (Facebook page Nzinga Guadalajara)

Treinela Romy

DF - Cidade de México (Facebook page Nzinga DF)


Leticia / Treinel Rica

Cali / Treinel Zezinho (Facebook page Nzinga Cali)

Buenos Aires / Treinela Ana (Facebook page Nzinga Buenos Aires)


Atlanta   (Website Nzinga Atlanta)  |  (Facebook page Nzinga Atlanta)

/ Treinela Myriam

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